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Description du conseil

At Priméal, lupin has already been used to flavour a quinoa muesli, a rice mix with sunflower and a protein flour. We wanted to make it even better, even simpler, even more natural: so here comes the natural lupin preserve, an innovative ready-to-use format, that’s easy to cook and full of ideas!


1 / Chewable lupin

They are ready to use, a good reason to enjoy them! With its pretty, round, flat, golden seeds, lupin preserved in their natural state can be eaten as they are. A nice change from the traditional almonds or cashew nuts... Drain the contents of the can, pour into a pretty dish and place it on the aperitif table. And don't forget to bet on which question will come up first, between "Yum, what is this? "and "Do you have any more? ".


2 / Lupin to mix

Are you used to mixing dried beans into patties and vegetable steaks? The good news is that canned lupin seed performs similarly well. They can also thicken a creamy soup by increasing its nutritional value, and provide a lasting feeling of fullness or help recovery after sport. And, unlike their bean cousins, they can even boast of being made into vegan cheese! Are you bold enough to try lupin cheese?


3 / Cooking lupins

Since lupins are a pulse like chickpeas or dried beans, why not cook them in the same way? Canned lupin seed is divine in tagine dishes. And it also flavours all your stir fries whilst adding a nice dose of texture... From sautéed rice to spicy couscous, from vegetable fritters to fried potatoes, give it a try! Simply add a jar of colourful carrot slices and you have a quick and complete vegetarian dish.


4 / Lupins in salad

Would you like to eat your lupins as part of a cold meal? Just sprinkle on top, its biscuit-like flavour and perfect crunch enhance any mixed salad. What’s more, its nutritional qualities provide your meal with extra proteins, vitamins and minerals... For a healthy dish, combine lupin seeds with green beans or tomatoes, grilled squash or cooked potatoes. If you want to travel, sprinkle on a Greek, Mexican or Asian salad... Or use them to enhance your favourite recipe.


5 / Lupin in bowls

Quinoa bowls or poke bowls sometimes lose their appeal when you have to plan in pulse cooking times. The solution? Replace the ones in the recipe with a nice handful of lupin seeds and you're done. In a Buddha bowl with frekkeh or a poke bowl with pink rice, the pretty yellow seeds make a great impression and add a nutty flavour to the recipe!


Beware of allergies

If you have a known allergy to peanuts or are cooking for very young children, stay away. Lupin has many advantages, but one disadvantage: it is allergenic and cross-allergic with peanuts.