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Description du conseil

As much as we love organic creamy soups, we sometimes dream of giving them that little extra that changes everything. Sounds like a delicious, original and balanced side dish, preferably perfectly integrated into the recipe, would be perfect. Priméal shares its secrets for transforming a quick creamy soup with some creative plant-based ideas!


A crunchy topping for a creamy soup with an original texture

The principle? Add a touch of crunch to a recipe that is by definition creamy. Flavours that crunch under the tooth and that force you to chew, making you feel fuller in the process. And enhance the smooth creamy texture of the soup with the contrast of the crunch! Imagine the surprise and delight of your guests when they discover dried fruit petals on their pumpkin and chestnut soup... If sweet and sour doesn't inspire you, try a salty granola with spices to transform your tomato and red bean soup into a gastronomic delight... organic and plant-based, of course.

Which topping to choose?

-Granola or salted muesli.
-Fruit or vegetable chips: apple, parsnip, beetroot, sweet potato, carrot, banana, mango...
-A salty quinoa crumble.
-Roasted seeds: buckwheat, almonds, hazelnuts...
-A mixture of crushed aperitif crackers.
-Organic popcorn seasoned with salt, herbs and/or spices.
-Croutons, homemade option with old bread enhanced with garlic.


A generous garnish for a complete creamy soup meal

The generous garnish applies the principle of minestrone, adding ingredients to turn the soup into a complete meal. Slip some cereals into your green vegetable soup, unless you dare to use diced cheese in a carrot and pumpkin soup. And why not use chickpeas in a courgette and basil soup? You will get a complete, filling and above all doubly delicious organic dish! Especially when the soup is more like a sauce than a soup, children are generally less likely to need lots of encouragement to finish their food.

What should I serve it with?

-Small pasta that holds it shape, such as coquillettes, penne or macaroni.
-Round rice, risotto style.
-Puff pastry with cheese or breadsticks with seeds to dip into the soup.
-Diced or shaved cheese on top of the soup.
-Oven-roasted vegetable cubes or florets: squash, potato, sweet potato, broccoli, cauliflower, carrot...
-Homemade tarts to serve next to the bowl... and to dip!
-Poached or fried eggs to be placed directly on the soup.


Gourmet toast for a comforting creamy soup

The advantage of toast? In addition to enhancing a creamy soup, they can also be used for dipping and soaking it up. As for choosing the recipe, the range of toast options and toppings is as vast as that of soups... Whilst the classics are based on cheese on toast, the most original combine unexpected flavours. They can be topped with real cooked mixes as well as simply spread. And the toppings or spreads can even be placed on any flat edible surface! Rice or potato cakes, rusks, fresh bread or hard bread, slices of grilled vegetables, shortbread or crackers, everything is possible.

Which spread should I choose?

-Homemade pesto with basil, beetroot, carrot tops...
-Old toasted and oiled bread with a mushroom and parsley topping.
-Toast with Quinoade or hummus to add pulses to the meal.
-Cheese shortbread with dried tomato.
-Homemade bread with Veggie Touch sauce.
-Beautiful slices of bread with grilled gruyere, goat cheese or any other melting cheese.